Crowdfunding as a novel financial tool for district heating projects

New future challenges for DHC entail new finance solutions. The study is finally out. The district heating and cooling sector is in full evolution towards decarbonisation alongside an increasing share of renewable sources. This scenario entails new challenges above all from the point of view of the market. From a publicly-owned DHC sector, to new

Report on the Integrated Innovations in A2A network

In February 2020 the very first report on the results of the integrated innovations in A2A network is finally available. TEMPO project is fully operative and it’s time to take stock of the implementation status of the solution packages. The document illustrates how the TEMPO innovations are implemented in the A2A demonstrator as well as the

Report on the Integrated Innovations in the Windsbach Network

Click here to read the report The ENERPIPE demo is located in the town of Windsbach, 35 km south west of Nuremberg (Germany). The municipality of Windsbach is developing a new residential housing project in a rural area. The houses will be heated by means of a District Heating System (DHS). The project consists of

Generic monitoring principles and equipment for TEMPO

CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT This report describes the “Definition of the monitoring concept and equipment”. Appropriate demo performance quantifiers and a generic monitoring principle were chosen. This will allow for an assessment of DH network performance improvements among the demo sites assessing comparable figures and additionally gain better insight into the enhancements made

TEMPO Promotional Material is here!

Do you want to know more about TEMPO in a glimpse? The TEMPO Promotional Material is finally available for free and downloadable. Click on the links to download them! FACT SHEET BANNER LEAFLET BROCHURE