Testing and evaluation of a smart controller for reducing peak loads and return temperatures in district heating networks

This study presents the smart controller for district heating systems developed in the TEMPO project. It can reduce the daily heat load peaks and/or the return temperature, which both improve the operational efficiency and cost of the heat supply. The controller was tested in a network branch of an operational district heating network in Italy and analyzed the results.

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Conceptual scheme of the demonstration site, showing the thermal-hydraulic layout indicating key temperature (T) and flow rate (F) variables, an overview of the measurement and control setup, and the two control variables used in the smart controller tests.


Authors: T. V. Oevelen (VITO – EnergyVille), T. Neven (VITO – EnergyVille), A. Brès (Austrian Institute of Technology), R.R. Schmidt (Austrian Institute of Technology), D. Vanhoudt (VITO – EnergyVille)