The TEMPO project ended on 31 March 2022 after 4,5 years of work!

The project partners proudly presented the innovations and the achievements and experiences from the Brescia (Italy) and Windsbach (Germany) sites at the closing event of the project in March 2022. By looking at the tangible outcomes in the two demonstration sites it is clear that the project achieved its aim. The TEMPO Consortium managed to overcome the unexpected challenges in their daily work imposed by the unprecedented situation of the pandemic.

The TEMPO innovations aim to reduce the district heating network temperature, in order to facilitate the integration of more renewable sources and more waste heat.

In particular, the TEMPO innovations include:
1. the digital solutions allow for usage and temperature monitoring, informing customers and empowering them to help reduce the temperature of the district heating network.
2. the fault detection platform and the smart network controller that help the operator to increase the efficiency of the network and keep its temperature low.
3. the compact buffer tank unit able to decrease the total peak heat load in the grid.

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Two photos from the last TEMPO Project Meeting on 16 March 2022, in Brussels: