Network Optimisation – Digitalisation

  • A supervision ICT platform for detection and diagnosis of faults in DH substations
  • Visualisation tools for expert and non-expert users
  • Smart DH network controller to balance supply and demand and minimise return temperature (i.e. STORM controller)

An innovative piping system for TEMPO

Within TEMPO, the demonstration project for a new built urban network is in the design phase and several options for the best configuration of a 4-line system have been investigated. The task is to deliver heating, cooling and domestic hot water to row houses and apartment blocks from renewable sources, based on geothermal with HeatPump

TEMPO Online Guideline

The present practical guidelines have been developed within the TEMPO project. They should guide technicians in performing audits on energy systems in building to identify, diagnose and correct components or systems behaving in a suboptimal way. The flowcharts offer a first to gradually narrow down issues, and thus refer the user to issue profiles corresponding to probable issues.