The BauSIM Conference has been organized under the auspices of IBPSA Germany and Austria since 2006 and takes place every second year. Building and district simulations and associated methodologies are at the focus of the conference. Emphasis is also placed on complementary topics such as building information modelling (BIM), component-level simulations or monitoring and operation of buildings and urban systems. The conference addresses stakeholders from science and education, the construction industry (design, planning, construction and operation), software development and public administration. It provides a forum for presenting research results and for multidisciplinary discussions of the latest trends in the field of simulation-based design of sustainable buildings and districts.

Linking and integration of data are increasingly shaping developments in both, building simulation and BIM. Based on the contents of the previous conferences, BauSIM 2020 will thus put a special focus on topics related to this most relevant field of research, including the development of digital twins, the use of IoT technologies for energy optimization of buildings and districts as well as the use of machine learning in the context of building operation and user behaviour.

Aurelian Bres from VITO / Enrgyville, represented TEMPO on Friday 25 September 2020,¬†with a short presentation ‘ Building simulation for control tuning’. See programme here.