STORM Project comes to the end. TEMPO will continue the story


The final results of the STORM were presented during the Digital Heat event on 29th May in Brussels. The event was jointly organised with the Flexynets project and showcased the latest technology developments on digitalisation in district heating, with STORM and FLEXYNETS as flagship projects developing first-of-their-kind technical solutions for intelligent district heating and cooling networks. In particular the morning was dedicated to the presentation of STORM with the keynote speeches by Paul Voss, Managing Director at Euroheat & Power and Svet Mihaylov, Policy Officer at DG Connect followed by the presentations by Sofia Lettenbichler, DHC+ Technology Platform and Christian Johansson, NODA Intelligent Systems.


The event was the occasion to introduce the great potential coming from the use of intelligent controllers such as the STORM controller. The Smart Energy Management Systems (this is the name of this innovative technology) provides a very useful tool to access data with the consequent ability to maximize the use of waste heat and renewable energy sources in DHC networks. They will play an important role for decarbonising the heating and cooling sector: they can optimise energy efficiency for utilities and plant operators.

STORM was conceived in the framework of the Digital Roadmap for District Heating and Cooling a thinking process on how digitalisation impacts the DHC industry. TEMPO continues on the same path traced by STORM as underlined by Ms. Lettenbichler during the event. In fact, one of the main pillar of TEMPO project is the pursuit of digitalisation aiming at optimizing of the DHC networks. TEMPO follows up what STORM started and in the following months the first project results will give a strong evidence of the great role that digital innovation can play in the District Heating and Cooling sector.