Euroheat & Power launches a request for proposal to subcontract a research study on crowdfunding as a new financial tool for district heating within the TEMPO project. The study will be carried out within the work package on replication and business models and the aim is to make an external funding assessment and determine to what extent crowdsourcing can be used as a viable option for business model funding.

The application of crowdfunding to the energy sector has been relatively recent, starting in 2012, mainly used to support energy projects and to a very limited extent energy efficiency projects.

Crowdfunding has never been used to date in the context of district heating, thus the investigation is needed to further understand:

  • What crowdfunding could deliver for district heating projects
  • The evaluation of different crowdfunding models and their strengths and weaknesses for certain applications
  • The potential rewards and returns offered
  • The forms of engagement and their strengths and weaknesses

The form of this study could ideally be a preliminary study, based upon one of the TEMPO pilots, including possible generalisable conclusions for EU-wide application.

Deadline for submission by bidders is 2 February 2018.

For more information, please see the request for proposals and the draft template contract published on Euroheat & Power’s website.