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The ENERPIPE demo is located in the town of Windsbach, 35 km south west of Nuremberg (Germany). The municipality of Windsbach is developing a new residential housing project in a rural area. The houses will be heated by means of a District Heating System (DHS). The project consists of 3 phases:
• Phase 1
o 59 single family houses
o 3 multi family houses
• Phase 2
o Additional 57 single family houses
• Phase 3
o Additional 20 single family houses

In this demo site only Phase 1 and 2 are included. The innovations will be implemented on site to analyse their impact while operating on a real DHS. This document gives a brief description of the different innovations together with a detailed explanation of the technical and economic aspects of implementing them at the demo site. Furthermore we will also discuss the quality control measures that were put into place and the commissioning and initial operation of the demo site.

The work on the construction site started according to plan. The pipe installation of phase 1 was finished in winter 2017 and the plant room was commissioned in spring 2018. At the same time the visualisation-system Winmiocs was installed. From then on Winmiocs is logging all data from the plant room and the already connected substations. The first decentralised buffer units were also connected in spring 2018. First, the main task was to optimise the controller and to learn about the behaviour of the buffer unit in the field. After conducting comprehensive tests in the ENERPIPE lab, the controller settings and setpoints were optimised.

During these optimisation works it was observed that the bottom buffer temperature was not as low as in the lab. This was solved by adapting the hydraulic system and the already installed buffers were also adapted in February 2019. Since the commissioning of Winmiocs and the communication network, controller optimisation and improvement was steadily realised.

During the complete construction phase there were rare interruptions in the communication between Winmiocs and the substations. These were mostly caused by new house connections or damaged wires because of excavation works. In March 2019 an automatic data upload from the Winmiocs system to AIT was established by transferring csv files of the logged data via an ftp server. In autumn 2019 the integration of the Winmiocs system and the NODA EnergyView system started. By half February 2020 this was finished and the Winmiocs data of the ENERPIPE demo is now available through the NODA API. This enables us to use real-time data in the control algorithms under development. A first test to control the buffers in Windsbach has also been conducted successfully.

However it should be noted that this test was not testing the complete workflow as it was only sending data straight to the Winmiocs system, without using the EnergyView system. In March 2020 a first complete chain test will be carried out. After that, the first control algorithms will be tested in spring and summer 2020 so they will be ready at the start of heating season 2019-2020