A supervision ICT platform for detection and diagnosis of faults in district heating substations

75% of all district heating substations perform sub-optimally, resulting in on average 15-20°C higher return temperature than necessary. The supervision platform detects this district heating substation suboptimal behaviour automatically.


Visualisation tools for expert and non-expert users

These visualisation tools form the basis for a decision support system for expert user. This will become a powerful tool for detecting operational faults and deviations in the district heating network. The tools for non-expert users will provide knowledge on energy consumption and efficiency measures to empower them as part of the energy chain.


Smart district heating network controller, to balance supply and demand and minimise the return temperature

The controller balances the demand of heat to fluctuating renewable and residual heat sources. Furthermore, the controller can further reduce the return temperature by influencing the demand behaviour at the consumer side and coordinating this on a network level.