This report describes the “Definition of the monitoring concept and equipment”. Appropriate demo performance quantifiers and a generic monitoring principle were chosen. This will allow for an assessment of DH network performance improvements among the demo sites assessing comparable figures and additionally gain better insight into the enhancements made by the different innovations.



The developed monitoring concept will allow for:

a) calculation of relevant performance indicators and

b) finding optimisation potential by analysis of monitoring data.

This deliverable includes the definition of the calculation methods for the chosen indicators, the definition of system boundaries, the definition of monitoring frequency, storage and transfer of the monitoring data to AIT and other partners. Considering the monitoring of the system it is envisaged that no personal data (e.g. any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual) will be collected.

The process of evaluation of the single thermal load profiles from customers will include (if necessary) a de-identification, encryption, anonymization or pseudo-anonymization to make the personal data not identifiable and therefore they cannot be considered as personal data. In case data must be truly anonymised, the anonymization will be irreversible