Webinar: Rural District Heating Network: the Windsbach Case

The municipality of Windsbach (Nuremberg) has planned a new residential housing project, developed in rural area and heated by district heating. For the heat supply of a development area with many single-family houses, a sustainable and affordable solution had to be found. With a view to sustainability, the administration of the town decided against making

BauSIM 2020 Conference – 23/25 September 2020

The BauSIM Conference has been organized under the auspices of IBPSA Germany and Austria since 2006 and takes place every second year. Building and district simulations and associated methodologies are at the focus of the conference. Emphasis is also placed on complementary topics such as building information modelling (BIM), component-level simulations or monitoring and operation

8th International ONLINE DHC+ Summer School

DHC+ Summer School | 23 August 2020 – 29 August 2020 | online The DHC+ summer school is a full week of intensive training with renowned industry experts and academics in the field of District Energy. The teaching method is based on the combination of theory & practical exercises. This year’s programme will focus on Creating

Greening our cities with district energy!

HeatNet Final Event – 15th September 2020 – Virtual Decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is a major challenge to reach carbon neutrality in a near future. One solution is to provide renewable and low carbon heat thanks to district energy. Today’s most advanced 4th and 5th generation district heating and cooling (DHC) systems run at

Sustainable Places 2020

Events – 28 October 2020 – 30 October 2020 – Virtual There is a large potential to integrate substantial shares of renewable energy sources in district heating and/or cooling systems, reducing dep endency of DHC on fossil fuels and ultimately leading to a more efficient and sustainable energy system. TEMPO will be presented with other

Report on the Integrated Innovations in A2A network

In February 2020 the very first report on the results of the integrated innovations in A2A network is finally available. TEMPO project is fully operative and it’s time to take stock of the implementation status of the solution packages. The document illustrates how the TEMPO innovations are implemented in the A2A demonstrator as well as the

Great success for the first TEMPO workshop

Hundred people gathered in Brescia to debate about the role of digitalisation in District Heating The very first TEMPO workshop was really successful according to the high rate of attendance on 7 November. The event was organised by A2A and Euroheat & Power | DHC+ with the aim to discuss about the importance and the